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The ADDAC701 VCO REV2 is an update of the ADDAC701 oscillator, now slimmer and with more accurate pitch tracking. A frequency knob and octave control set the frequency over a six octave range with fine tune control over 12 semitones. A switch selects between LFO and VCO modes. The 1V/Oct input tracks accurately over seven octaves. There is an adjustable pulse width with PWM CV with attenuator.

The 701 also features a linear FM input with attenuator and sync with switch to select between off, hard, and soft sync. There are individual outputs for pulse, sine, triangle, and saw, as well as a mix output. The mix output uses the sin/tri, mix, and saw/rect controls to create a blend of the waveforms to create an altogether new one.

  • Voltage controlled oscillator
  • Sine, triangle, saw, pulse, and mix waveform outputs
  • Adjustable pulse with PWM CV input with attenuator
  • Linear FM with attenuator
  • Hard/soft sync
  • Octave select and fine tune controls
  • LFO and VCO modes

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