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The ADDAC802 VCA Quintet is a five-channel analog VCA and mixer great for dynamically combining different signals in a modular environment. Each of the channels has a CV input and attenuator to set the level of amplification. There is also a switch to route the channel to the mix output, the solo output, or to mute it. Another switch selects the VCA response between linear and logarithmic.

A sixth VCA is also present for the mix control and sets the overall volume for the mix post-VCA output. A pre-VCA mix output is also available, which bypasses the final VCA. The solo output is also affected by the master VCA.

The 802 also features an external input that can be used to daisy chain multiple mixers together. Or take the solo output, patch into an effects module and use the external input to create an effects send/return.

  • Five-channel VCA and mixer
  • Each channel can be soloed, mixed, or muted via switch
  • VCAs can be linear or logarithmic
  • Individual VCA outputs
  • Final output VCA with CV input
  • Mix output either pre or post mix-VCA
  • Solo outputs post VCA
  • External input for daisy chaining multiple mixers together

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