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The ADDAC306 VC Transitions is a five-channel multi-directional macro CV generator and processor, suited for controlling a whole host of parameters simultaneously. Each of the channels has minimum, span, and direction controls. The ADDAC306 also features a CV input and transition controller slider.

The minimum control sets the minimum voltage point for the channel, while span sets the overall range and maximum voltage level for the channel. The transition slider controls the transition from A to B. The direction switch works in conjunction with the transition slider and controls whether each channel goes from maximum value at the A side to a minimum value at the B side or vice versa. When a CV signal is present at the input, the transition slider acts as an attenuator for the incoming voltage.

Send a sequencer to five different destinations with different voltage levels for each of them, change up a whole patch with one slider motion, or dial in sweet spots on your favorite filters. This performative voltage generator and processor is a fun and exciting way to add macro control your modular system.

  • Five-channel CV generator and processor
  • One slider that controls voltage level for the five outputs
  • CV input for attenuating
  • Minimum and span set voltage levels
  • Direction sets the slider behavior per channel

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