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The ADDAC103 T-Networks is a four-voice percussion source, perfect for the sound of analog drum machines. It uses four twin-T circuits that were found in classic analog drum machines and used for kicks and toms.

Each channel has frequency control and a range switch for setting the frequency range as well as an individual output. The top two channels have a higher frequency range than the lower channels. The trigger input features a gate to trigger converter. It accepts signals well into audio rate and can behave as a weird filter of sorts. The four channels are summed and output at the mix output that features volume control. The T-Networks provides four simple and straightforward percussive sounds that work great for adding toms or kicks to your track.

  • Four-voice percussion source
  • Each channel has frequency control and range switch
  • Trigger input with gate to trigger converter
  • Accepts audio rate signals and imparts a filtering effect to them
  • Individual outputs
  • Mix output with volume control

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