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The ADDAC503 Marble Physics brings Newtonian physics simulations to the modular realm, modeling the behavior of a marble in a tray with elastic walls. X and Y tilt shifts the marble in the X or Y axis, turning the Y knob clockwise shifts it up and increases the speed, moving it counterclockwise shifts it down and increases the speed in that direction. The X knob does the same, but left to right. In the center of the knobs, there is no motion. A speed control is also available which sets the overall speed of the simulation.

Elasticity sets how much the marble bounces when it hits the walls. With it all the way up, the marble never stops bouncing. A bounce gate output goes high whenever the marble hits the walls. The marble can be “kicked in the butt” by the bump button, with the amount of bump determined by the strength control. There are outputs for velocity, and both the X and Y axis, which can be unipolar or bipolar. The X-lock switch and gate input locks the marble’s X position and only allows it to move in the Y axis. All controls have CV inputs which can be unipolar or bipolar. The knobs become attenuators when a signal is patched into the corresponding CV input.

  • Newtonian physics simulator in a modular synth
  • X and Y position outputs that can be unipolar or bipolar
  • Velocity output
  • Bounce gate output when the marble hits the walls
  • Elasticity, speed, and strength controls
  • Bump button or trigger input to get the marble moving

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