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The ADDAC301 Floor Control is a sustain and expression pedal interface designed to free up your hands while using a modular. There are two quarter inch inputs, one for sustain pedal and one for an expression pedal.

The expression pedal has a range control, which controls the total output output voltage range for up to a maximum of +/-10v. There is also an offset control, which transposes the voltage level of the CV output and has a range of +/-5v. The expression pedal section features both a CV and inverted CV output.

The sustain pedal section has a gate output which is activated by pressing down on the sustain pedal.

Note: your expression pedal must have a stereo jack in order to operate correctly!

  • Expression and sustain pedal interface
  • Expression pedal has range and offset control
  • Inverted and non-inverted CV output for expression pedal
  • Gate output triggered by sustain pedal

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