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The ADDAC703 Discrete Mixer is not as simple as it seems on the surface. Can a mixer be interesting? Hell yes it can. Based on the classic Moog CP-3, the 703 is a powerful tool perfect for mixing signals and sculpting sounds.

There are four inputs with gain and also feature a trimmer can be adjusted for gain up to x100. Above unity gain, the signal will begin to soft clip, adding pleasant harmonics to the signal. A feedback/gate control not found on the original CP-3 adds another layer of distortion to the signals by feeding the main output back into the mix. At high enough settings it turns into a gating effects that opens less the further clockwise the control is turned.

The final output volume is controlled by a master output control. There are both positive and negative outputs available which offer slightly different flavors of clipping. A bias trimmer offsets the output voltage from zero volts and can have dramatic effects on the output signal.

  • Four channel mixer
  • Gain up to x100 
  • Turning the input gain above unity gain adds pleasant harmonic distortion
  • Feedback/gate control for extra distortion
  • Master output control for final level

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