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The ADDAC501 Complex Random is a four-channel random voltage generator, great for unpredictable modulation.

There are controls for minimum and maximum voltage levels, which together define the range of values that are produced by the module. Clock frequency minimum and maximum sets the amount of modulation for the internal clock. These controls can be modulated with external CV, and the maximum setting features input attenuation. There are switches to set if the modulation is normal or brownian for both the voltage range and time.

There is also a switch for internal or external clock and a quantization switch, which quantizes the random voltage to a major pentatonic scale.

  • Quad random voltage generator
  • Minimum and maximum output voltage level
  • Minimum and maximum internal clock modulation controls
  • Brownian or standard modes
  • Quantized or unquantized voltage
  • Internal or external clock with switch

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