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The ADDAC105 4 Voice Cluster provides four channels of square wave oscillators with VCAs and a multi-mode filter...making it perfect for creating tuned percussive sounds. Each channel has a frequency control which sets the pitch and a trigger input. An FM switch is available per channel, which activates or deactivates frequency modulation between the channels. Each channel is modulated by the previous channel, creating an FM loop. Voice 1 FMs voice 2, voice 2 FMs voice 3, etc.

The decay setting adds decaying slew to incoming signals present at the trig inputs, whether they are triggers, gates, or CV signals. With the decay set all the way counterclockwise, it acts like a mute. Each of the channels are summed and routed to the multi-mode filter. The filter has cutoff and resonance controls, as well as CV over frequency with attenuverter. The filter has simultaneous lowpass, bandpass, and highpass outputs. A configurable external input has two possible functions. In one mode, it acts as an audio input for the filter, while in the other, it allows for CV control over all the voices. Due to the nature of the module, the CV input doesn't track 1V/Oct.

  • Four-voice square wave oscillator source
  • Trigger input with decay slew that can also act as a mute
  • Multi-mode filter with lowpass, bandpass, and highpass filter outputs
  • External input can either go to the filter or CV control the oscillators
  • FM between the channels

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